Argentus "Storm Song" Halloway

Supporting NPC


First Officer, Revelation.
Stand tall and keep a weather eye open.
The safety of the ship and her crew.

Skills: Great (4) Command and Pilot, Good (3) Notice and Shoot, Fair (2) Rapport and Will, Average (1) Circles and Tech-Use

Physical Stress: 1, 2
Mental Stress: 1, 2, 3
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

Stunts: Steady as she goes. Add 2 to Create Advantages for shipmates using Command or Rapport.

Extras: Kantrael MG “Defender” pattern las pistol. The symbol of authority carried by NCOs and line officers throughout the Imperium. Harm 2, Rechargeable power pack


Argentus made a name for himself in the Imperial Navy as a stalwart and loyal officer who defended his captain during a mutiny aboard the Chariot of Wrath. Little is known of the circumstances surrounding that incident, but the young lieutenant Halloway was decorated for his bravery, the most popular story circulating among the ratings describes a wounded captain ordering a young Halloway to escape in a savior pod and Halloway, of course, refusing to leave his captain’s side. The brave lieutenant, as the story goes, did not waver. Standing tall above his fallen captain, he returned a storm of fire on the mutineers, all the while singing the Light of Unification. It has been many years since the mutiny on the Wrath, but it has been this story that has followed him is every post, earning him the admiration of his superiors and subordinates alike.

What Holloway remembers of that day is different than the stories tell. It was his first commission. He was scared. He loved Imperium and he loved his captain. He remembers an order given and the senior officers countermanding that order. The hand of the captain on his shoulder, “Steady as she goes,” went the captain’s voice. Then the whip-crack of las fire and the cries of pain. At the time he wasn’t sure he started the shooting. In hindsight, he’s almost positive the first shot was the captain’s pistol. It’s that same pistol he carries now, a gift from a grateful captain, alive because of his unwavering loyalty. The ship, the truth, and all hands save for two, were lost. It has been his burden to wonder since that fateful fay, if he made the right decision.

It is this doubt and regret that keeps him fervently to his duty as first officer, protecting those under his command. His commission aboard the Revelation was his choice. Helen Slaymaker was not a glory hound or ambitious. She did not overestimate her experience or her ability. She needed a seasoned veteran to run the crew and mind the ship allowing her to attend to the affairs of a Rogue Trader dynasty. What’s more, the Shipmistress possessed a warmth and sophistication that Halloway found refreshing. Relieved, he resigned his commission in the Imperial Navy and signed up with House Slaymaker.

Argentus "Storm Song" Halloway

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