Hadarak Fel

Supporting NPC


Lord Captain of the Fel Dynasty.
Foppish exterior.
Veteran of the Koronus Expanse.

Skills: Great (4) Notice and Rapport, Good (3) Fight and Shoot, Fair (2) Lore and Resources, Average (1) Deceive and Languages

Physical Stress: 1, 2
Mental Stress: 1, 2
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

Stunts: In Our Pocket. Use Resources in place of Circles when Creating an Advantage.

Extras: Fel Hand. Modified firestorm class frigate, Luxury passenger quarters


A veteran of the Koronus Expanse, Hadarak Fel is a seasoned explorer cunning exponents of the arts of trade and exploitation. Although he maintains a foppish exterior, this is in fact a ruse to force his opponents to underestimate his skills. Many enemies have fallen prey to this falsehood.

Hadarak Fel

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