Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh

Supporting NPC


Improbable Heir to the Bastille Dynasty
Worn out welcome in the Imperium.
Imperial Naval Disipline.

Skills: Great (4) Command and Notice, Good (3) Pilot and Shoot, Fair (2) Lore and Resources, Average (1) Security and Will

Physical Stress: 1, 2
Mental Stress: 1, 2, 3
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

Stunts: Weather the Storm. The cagey veteran sees the big picture and knows that the key to victory is often just being the side that can fight the longest. Any time you invoke an Aspect to help Defend, that Aspect contributes 2 more shifts than it would otherwise have done.

Colossus. Lunar class cruiser, Prime fighting condition.
Aberrant. Firestorm class frigate escort


Bastille is the scion of an ancient Rogue Trader house, yet he was never expected to bear its Warrant of Trade. In fact, he was so far from the position of Patriarch that his family purchased a commission in the Imperial Navy when he came of age, assuming that such a career would hold more opportunity than the minor role he might otherwise play in the fortunes of House Bastille.

None were prepared for the nigh complete destruction of that ancient line, due to a cataclysmic, freak vortex torpedo malfunction during a conference of its most senior members. None perhaps, except Lord Admiral Bastille, who resigned his commission immediately and claimed his birthright.

For several years after, Bastille’s rivals in the Imperial Navy spread a number of vicious rumors, though no outright accusations were made. Eventually things came to a head. Bastille came into conflict with a number of senior naval officers. What started out as a disagreement soon escalated, and what followed was a small but vicious war between isolated elements of the Imperial Navy and House Bastille. Thanks to the actions of several Naval staff officers sympathetic to Bastille, the conflict remained contained, and Segmentum Command at Cypra Mundi never learned of the particulars. However, Bastille has worn out him welcome in the Imperium.

Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh conducts the affairs of his House as if it were a private navy, which in many respects it is. House Bastille’s existing interests are maintained by naval force, and expanded in the same manner, each conquest being exploited by the sizable merchant fleet the House maintains. The Lord Admiral leads these actions from the bridge of his flagship, the Colossus, and commands a sizable flotilla of lesser warships.

Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh

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