Shard of Dawn

Supporting NPC


Hull: Frigate
Class: Aconite Class Frigate
Dimensions: 1.5 km long, .2 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 4 megatonnes approx.
Crew: Unknown
Accel: No max acceleration determined in Imperial records.

The Shard is an Eldar frigate tasked with patrolling the edges of Imperial space and watching for those that would seek the Dread Pearl.

Skills: Superb (5) Manoeuvre, Great (4) Infiltrate and Shoot, Good (3) Sensors and Morale, Fair (2) Hull Strength and Fight, Average (1) Deceive and Lore

Physical Stress: 1, 2, 3
System Stress: 1, 2

Consequences: Mild, Moderate


Hit and Run
She is a formidable adversary, but her primary function is to harass and to report. Any hit from an attack using Shoot allows the Shard to spend one of its Shifts for a boost to Manoeuvre actions.


Aconite Solar Sails
The Eldar disdain the use of brutish plasma drives, and instead soar across the void powered by the light of the stars, caught in vast solar sails that extend from the ship like wings. Add a +2 bonus to create and advantage with Manoeuvre.

Prow Starcannon Cluster
The Eldar have long perfected plasma technology, and do not arm their vessels with crude projectile cannon. Their ‘macrobatteries’ are made up of multiple turrets of immense clusters of starcannons, capable of punching through armor with intense plasma beams. Add a +2 bonus to attack and overcome actions with Shoot.

Holo Field
A Holo Field is an ancient wonder of the the Eldar race and the bane of Imperial gunners. The field creates a multitude of “ghost images” of the Eldar ship, each in a different location. It effectively masks the ship’s true position to the extent that it is nigh impossible to determine exactly where it is, taking random shots into the void in hopes of scoring a glancing hit. Add a +2 bonus to defend or oppose actions that rely on detection of your true position, including attacks using lance weapons and ramming actions, but not macrocannon battery broadsides or other weapons whose area of effect are so large.

Another example of Eldar technology, runecasters are often housed in large, vaulted chambers. In the centre of the chamber, clusters or rune-stones float suspended above a wide crystal lens. Few, even among the Eldar understand exactly how it works, but ships carrying a Runecaster can seem almost prescient. Gain the aspect, Right Place at the Right Time. This component cannot be damaged or destroyed by conventional attacks.


Shard of Dawn

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