character creation

You will create your character partly on your own and partly with the rest of the group. The first part you can do now, or whenever inspiration strikes.

phase one

Answer these three questions:

  1. What is the high level concept for your character?
  2. What is your character’s greatest enemy?
  3. What kind of Homeworld did you have?

phase two

Describe a previous mission your character was involved with and write down an aspect that represents how he or she was changed by it. Be prepared for other players to write themselves into this mission. You’re about to do the same.

Now, take one of the other players’ missions and describe how your character was involved int it. Write down an aspect that represents how the events that transpired changed your character.


Choose one Great (4), two Good (3), three Fair (2), and four Average (1) skills from the skill list.


Skip this step if you would rather define stunts in play. Otherwise create up to three stunts for your character. Stunts are special uses of skills which make your character more effective in specific situations.

One way to create a stunt is to fill in this sentence:

Because I (aspect), when (situation), I can (something awesome), adding 2 to my + (skill) roll.

For examples of different stunts, check out the skill list.


Skip this step if you would rather define your extras in play.

Every character gets a budget to spend on extras. You get 1 aspect, 2 stunts, and 6 skills in your extras budget. These are things like special pieces of equipment, NPCs, influence in organisations, and ships.

character creation

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