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Use these as inspiration for Aspects that highlight your character’s planet of origin. Even if you don’t end up dedicating an Aspect to your homeworld, you should still think about where your character came from.

Death World

“Death worlds are teeming with threats to survival, meaning that those who thrive on such planets are unlike anyone else. Peril and violence have always been a part of your life, and you are stronger because of it. You are aggressive and inured to hardship, proficient at staying alive where others cannot, and aloof from your fellow man.”

Most death worlds possess plants and beasts utterly hostile to human life, and inhabitants must find any means necessary to combat them if they are to survive. Death worlders are adept at using weapons commonly found in or fashioned from their environment.

The inherently dangerous conditions of a death world encourage distrust and doubt. Death worlders tend to be slow to put their faith in anyone other than themselves and chafe against the petty strictures of a more complex society.

Void Born

You were not born on one of the Emperor’s worlds, but instead on a vast ship in the depths of space – perhaps even in the warp itself. Why this sets you apart from your fellow man is unknown, but the way you look, act, and think is somehow different. You have been raised in the company of voidfarers and psykers, and what other men fear or loathe is commonplace for you.

Whether because of their strange looks, clannish ways, or unwholesome air, the void born are mistrusted by most. In addition the void born are most likely to attract any negative attention that the party of explorers creates – accusations of deceit in trade, disgruntled negotiators, mobs armed with stones, and so on.

Due to their strange and unnatural childhood the void born are used to the vagaries of changing gravity.

Forge World

“You were born in the shadow of the Omnissiah and all your life you have been surrounded by the great wonders and dire terrors of the Machine God’s arts. Ever since you were born, you have been weighed, measured, codified, and tested so that your masters might find your place in the great pattern. This unforgiving process has fitted you well for survival and supremacy.

Rather than being fully indoctrinated into the Imperial Cult, event the lowliest member of a forge world’s society is brought up to properly venerate the spirits of the machine and taught the basic rites of tech-propitiation.

A forge world inhabitant is tested, indoctrinated, and trained from birth for his chosen station and role in life. Weakness is not tolerated, and bring painful incentives to do better. Even those who follow an errant path must strive to do better than their peers to survive.

Although forge world born citizens know that the Emperor is their god and savior, they see the Imperial Creed through the lens of the Cult Mechanicus doctrine. As a result, they can be surprisingly – and sometimes dangerously – ignorant of the common teaching and practices of the Ecclesiarchy, often failing to offer its clerics the level of deference they expect.

Hive World

The great hives are not like the lesser cities of other worlds in the Imperium, and you are not like the common men and women who live there. Technology has surrounded you all your life, and you find its rarity elsewhere bemusing. You are an adventurer, and opportunist – more inquisitive than your fellows and certainly quicker on the draw!

Hivers grow up surrounded by crowds. They are used to weaving through even the densest mobs with ease.

To a hiver, surrounded at all times by metal, machinery, and industry, the lesser arcane mysteries of technology are not so strange.

Hivers seldom endure the horrors of the open sky or the indignity of the great outdoors.

Hivers are constantly alert for the first hint of trouble, be it a gang shoot-out, hab riot, or hivequake.

Imperial World

You hail from an Imperial world, one of a million planets united by a belief in the immortal God-Emperor of Mankind. Soldier, fanatic, thief, mercenary, noble: these are some of your many possible backgrounds. Whatever your previous calling, you are now an Explorer of the void, and your adventure has only just begun.

Imperial citizens know that the proper ways of living are those tried and tested by the generations that have gone before. Horror, pain, and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those that look too deeply into the mysteries of the universe are all too likely to find malefic beings looking back at them.

Widespread scriptures describing the lives – and, more importantly, the deaths – of the Emperor’s blessed saints and warmasters, and the sequence of endless wars, crusades, and terrors that make up history grant Imperial citizens a comparatively wide knowledge of the Imperium of Man.

Surrounded as they are by the zealous and the faithful, Imperial citizens are accustomed to the tutelage of the Ecclesiarchy.


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