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A License for Profit, The Ancient and the Forgotten, Into the Unknown, Fear the Void


The Calixis Sector, Bacchus Heresy, Angevin Crusade, The Witch Cursed World, Organizations, Locations, Wraithbone Structures, Starmap Images


Creating a character, or how to get started.
Homeworlds across the Imperium of Man.
Profit, the measure of success.
Advancement using XP instead of Milestones.
Armoury filled with implements of destruction and death.
Fear and Damnation await the weak and the corrupt.
Do you think you’re a psychic? Maybe you are…
Here is our Skill List, slightly altered from vanilla Fate Core.
Voidships are a lot like characters, but different.


Navigating the Warp

Main Page

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