This page explains how the Dynasty itself is a character and how that works in FATE.

endeavors, the means to power

Each endeavor promises some reward, some glory, or some achievement which lures a Rogue Trader into the hazard. For lowly houses, this could be as simple as delivering much needed supplies across dangerous void routes. For the great and powerful, a worthy Endeavor could mean conquering an entire star system in the name of the Ecclesiarchy. Whatever the cause, each Endeavor holds some promise of profit for a Rogue Trader. Acquiring that profit, and living to enjoy the spoils, quite literally form the structure of our ongoing story. Endeavors are linked to Milestones, which allow your characters and the Dynasty to advance.

Profit Factor

A special stress track is used to track the overall wealth and influence of your Dynasty and the costs incurred during your Endeavors. The number of stress boxes is a measure of how deep your coffers are, while the number of stress boxes checked measures how leveraged they currently are. When all of those stress boxes are checked, the coffers are empty

Profit Factor starts at 3, meaning the stress track has three boxes.

Stress boxes for your Dynasty’s Profit Factor can be used when your character must absorb costs due to a tied or failed Resources test. For example, if you are trying to acquire a Las Cannon to take out the Lord Governor’s armored Rhino transport, and you fail your Resources Overcome test to purchase said weapon, you might decide to leverage the Dynasty’s Profit Factor. The cost that must be absorbed is usually equal to the number of shifts required to raise your roll to meet the obstacle.

Profit Factor resets at Significant Milestones.


Not all the assets of the Dynasty are represented by Thrones and Materiel. Some assets are in the form of trade contracts, investments, ownership in guild combines, ships, etc. When such significant fortune befalls your Dynasty, record them as Acquisitions. These are Aspects that are attached to the Dynasty instead of a particular character.

Unlike Profit Factor, Acquisitions are not restricted to Overcome tests for Resources. Although, their very nature means they can be quite useful for such occasions. Depending on their nature, they may be permanent fixtures in your Dynasty, like trophies commemorating your victories, or they can be fleeting commodities traded to the highest bidder.

Here are some examples:

Captured pirate frigate, the Sentinel, our flying crate of beans and bullets: free invoke x1

10% Imperial tithe on trade route through Lucky Space: free invoke x2

Trade contracts with Agri Combine 6-Alpha: free invoke x1

Seized credit-account of Emissary Typhon: free invoke x3, disposable


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