Loto Dufu

Arch Militant to the Slaymaker Dynasty


Skill Pyramid
5: Command
4: Athletics – Rapport – Will
3: Fight – Physique – Shoot
2: Notice – Security – Tech Use – Deceive
1: Provoke – Infiltrate – Survival – Pilot – Circles



  • Paranoid Commander
  • Failed/Stolen Space Marine Reject
  • Bled, Sweat, Cried for Liberty Bell
  • Man of the People
  • Haunted

Overactive Catalepsean Node (Free Notice)

*Ferra Pickerman
(ex-girlfriend, civilian council member, current XO of The Revelation)
A: XO of the Revelation (Respected on the Revelation)
SK: +3 Circles, +3 Resources

ST: Bullet proof bones (ARMOR 1)
ST: Biocloak (
2 to hide inhuman organs)

*The 404:
(Secret Hacker Group of Mechanicus, spread throughout the imperium)
A: Unfound, Everywhere
SK: +6 Infiltrate
ST: We’re already in your system (Use Infiltrate to counter infiltration when hacking)
ST: Let me add an extra zero (Use Infiltrate instead of Resources when digital requisitions are accepted)

Loto Dufu

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