Baron Djanko Scourge

Supporting NPC


Lord Captain of Hammer of Truth.
The psychopathic tendencies of a Fenksworld Pit Thing, but only half the charm.
Bull of a man, well built, if somewhat running to fat.

Skills: Great (4) Provoke and Shoot, Good (3) Physique and Resources, Fair (2) Command and Will, Average (1) Athletics and Fight

Physical Stress: 1, 2, 3, 4
Mental Stress: 1, 2, 3
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

Stunts: Dictator Chic. Despite his record of brutal conquest and rulership, Djanko maintains the air of a beloved dictator, making frequent and well attended appearances to his subjects, clad in eye-catching raiments and accessories befitting a head of state. Use Command in place of Rapport when dressed to impress.

Gold plated plasma pistol. This is an heirloom passed down from the great General Khako to his descendants. Unstable, The destructive power of a small sun

Hammer of Truth: Dauntless class light cruiser, Heaped with armor and weapons until its much abused engines struggle to drag it through the stars


´┐╝Djanko Scourge has been described by his many detractors and rivals as having the “Psychopathic tendencies of a Fenksworld Pit Thing, but only half the charm.” Some have gone so far as to say this is a terrible slur on the Pit Thing. Djanko’s warrant of trade was granted to his great-great grandfather, Lord General Khako “the Scourge,” following the prosecution of the highly destructive Jade Reach Suppression. During the decade long campaign, Khako is said to have razed a dozen worlds, a record his heir is determined to match.

Djanko has continued the family tradition of profiting from war and destruction. His particular method is to seek out lost human worlds rich in natural resources and claim them for himself (in the name of the Emperor of course). Furthermore, Djanko often takes it upon himself to “civilize” those heathen worlds he defeats in battle. Having entirely defeated a culture, he imposes his own, total rule upon it, installing his own administrators with himself as ultimate head of state.

Djanko is a bull of man, well built, if somewhat running to fat. He prides himself on the tradition established by his sire, and at all times maintains what he considers to be a suitable martial bearing. To this end, he attires himself in full military dress uniform, adorned with all manner of medals, each of which celebrate his achievement in subjugating a different world. At his belt, Djanko bears the gold plated plasma pistol that once belonged to old Khako, a family heirloom that has seen a great deal of use over the years.

Baron Djanko Scourge

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