Jeremiah Blitz

Supporting NPC


Won his dynasty in a game of cards.
Trail of shady adventures in his wake.
Man of action.

Skills: Great (4) Security and Rapport, Good (3) Notice and Shoot, Fair (2) Deceive and Tech-Use, Average (1) Infiltrate and Resrouces

Physical Stress: 1, 2
Mental Stress: 1, 2
Consequences: Mild, Moderate

Stunts: Fortune favors the bold. Once per session, if the outcome of your roll is a Failure by four or fewer shifts, explain how instead the outcome is a success, due to a stroke of fortune.

Extras: Ordained Destiny. Heavily modified Lunar class cruiser, Gilded hull


A charming rogue and notorious scoundrel, not truly given to the rarefied manners of polite society, it is well known that Blitz won his Warrant of Trade in a card game. The most popular variant of the story claims he won it from a Sector Lord of the Adeptus Terra. Today he commands the Lunar class Cruiser the Ordained Destiny and in his short career as a Rogue Trader he has carved his name across the stars as a man of impulsive action, although he has done little to cement his power or establish a dynasty.

Jeremiah Blitz

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