Helen Slaymaker

Lady-captain, Revelation


Taste for the finer things.
To defeat the monster, I became one.


Not much is known about Helen before she took over her husband’s title. She was born to into a noble Imperial line on the hive world of Malfi. She was engaged to a colonel in the 581st Regiment out of Landunder, “Dru’s Dragoons”. He was decorated in the Bacchus Heresy and a fine match, but Helen never met him. Shortly after their engagement her intended was killed in a shootout between two gangs deep in the hab-stacks.

She was swiftly married to another, a Shipmaster named Marven Slaymaker, also distinguished for his contribution to the campaign on Bacchus, but with a brutish reputation. For all the years of their marriage Helen was nothing more than a trophy, a fine thing for show off to his associates, as proof of his power and taste.

Now she is the Shipmistress. Now she runs the Slaymaker dynasty. Quietly she has been liquidating the dynasty’s assets in the Malfian sub-sector and readying her crew for a new endeavor. Some say she is mad and that she intends to make way beyond the Halo Stars. Others say nothing. They live longer.

Helen Slaymaker

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