Marven Slaymaker

Lord-captain, Revelation


See, want, take, have.
Unrestrained violence anywhere, any time.


Marven Theodore Slaymaker, second of that name, the 27th Lord of the Slaymaker dynasty and captain of the Revelation, is known throughout the Malfian sub-sector as a vicious Rogue Trader captain and an intolerable pretender.

His family’s Warrant of Trade was awarded in M39 by the Warmasters of the Angevin crusade. Bt the time of Marven’s ascendancy the power of the dynasty had waned. Countless ventures and wars with rival factions had drained their coffers and dwindled their influence to little more than a minor consideration throughout the sector. Under his leadership the family returned to prominence. Marven consolidated the dynasty’s resources, attacking only weaker rivals, Chartist consortiums, and trade houses, almost exclusively in the Malfian sub-sector. Now, with more than a dozen trade barons and crime syndicates alike paying tribute to the Rogue Trader, Lord Marven and his family name have risen once again, if only to the present status of big fish in a rather small corner of the Segmentum.

Despite overwhelming profitability, the nobility of his beloved Malfi have not embraced Marven as one of their own. Rather, they have apparently decided that he is too violent and ill-mannered to ever truly be counted a peer. Fortunately for them, the Lord-captain’s wrath is not subtle. His campaign to ruin his detractors has done little harm to the true powers on the hive-world, even as he burns down scores of lesser families, bathing in the blood of the outcasts maneuvered into his path.

Marven Slaymaker

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