Bacchus Heresy

Bacchus was a world located just inside the primary biosphere of its star, MUX-2A, just off the Vaxynide trade run. For centuries the people of Bacchus toiled in the cold, dim light of their planet. They were an industrious people and they were devout followers of the Imperial Creed. The first people to settle Bacchus were pilgrims – brought to the frigid world in the wake of Crusade, determined to scrape out a future for themselves. For 900 years they did just that. Not only did they survive, they flourished.

Over time the people of Vaxynide grew envious of their nearest galactic neighbors. During a particularly grim period of economic depression, one Vaxynidian began to suspect the Bacchans of colluding with dark powers. Everywhere he went, Jendrous Kaffiq would drum up support for his anti-Bacchan agenda. He rose to power quickly within the local Administratum, first being appointed to a staff position with the Ministry of Trade, but within two years he was elected as Inspector General where he wasted no time in initiating a full investigation into the Tithe records of Bacchus.

Inquisitor Xavier Constantine Corax, of the Ordos Malleus, could find no heresy on the world of Bacchus. Hours before he was to leave the system, however, he was assassinated – killed by a citizens of the world he intended to exonerate. Those responsible turned themselves in, pleading for mercy and claiming they were being blackmailed by those in power on Bacchus. This was all the excuse the new Inspector General needed to seize control of the world. Within the month, Bacchan government was suspended, and Administratum officios was established on the planet in their stead with a detachment of Imperial ship in orbit to ensure the peaceful compliance.

Incredibly, despite the ruthless Imperial officials that ruled and the stifling Tithe grade assessed on their world, the people of Bacchus continued to prosper. As the demands of the Margin Crusade began to exact their toll on neighboring sectors, Kaffiq – now Deputy Governor sub-sector, squeezed Bacchus ever harder, sending nearly everything its people could produce to support the war effort. Still it was not enough. One half step away from a position of considerable influence, Kaffiq devised a plan to liquidate the resources of an entire world.

At the beginning of 831.M41 no one would have guessed that the entire world of Bacchus would be burning in the flames of Exterminatus by the end of the year. However, ever increasing abuses of Tithe by the local Administratum and mounting tension between the Bacchan Civil Defense Corp and the Magistratum led to a series of riot that threatened to erupt in civil war. Seeing the local Magistratum was doing little to quell the unrest, Captain Leopold Ignatius, commander of the Imperial Navy’s task force, lowered the orbit of his frigates, turned his guns on the surface of the planet, and landed two battalions of armsmen around the Administratum’s Quarter in the capitol. Continued resistance to lawful Imperial Authority, he warned, would be met with swift correction.

Unfortunately, the people of Bacchus did not obey. Without a single soldier firing his weapon, members of the BCDP infiltrated the Administratum Quarter, taking key officials as hostages, and politely informed the Captain via private vox that his presence in this system was no longer required. The people of Bacchus then delivered their own ultimatum. Unless Captain Ignatius withdrew his troops, and broke orbit leaving the Bacchans in peace, his men would be slaughtered and all members of the Administratum’s illegitimate government would be executed.

Bacchus Heresy

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