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Blindness may be the price I pay for the God Emperor’s sacred touch, but I see more than you could possibly imagine. I see worlds rolling countless and wondrous beyond. I see colors and sights that would burn your mind to cinders by there merest glimpse. I see…Them, lurking in the spaces between realities, their claws every starching to get in, ever wanting. No, it is you who are truly blind, ignorant and imperiled as a helpless child in the blackest night with ravening wolves all around. For there are here, right now around us and you cannot see. In the dark, in the light, it matters not…for they see you and they hunger.

- Astropath Plenipotentiary Aldus Col

Within the Imperium of Man, some people are born different. Some fickle turn of fate or change twist in the genome has seen then join the growing ranks of psychic individuals within the human race. These Psykers labor under a blessing and a curse. They have the rare talent to draw power from the Warp, the hidden dimension of Chaos that lurks beneath the fabric of reality, and shape it into all manner of strange and supernatural effects. Using such power, however, comes at terrible risk.


To be a Psyker your character must have an Aspect which reflects their awakened talent. Often this will be your High Concept, but it doesn’t have to be. Just remember, no Aspect, no psychic ability. Here are some examples:

  • Astropath Transcendent
  • Trained at the Scholastica Psykana
  • Scion of a Navigator House
  • Latent Psyker
  • Escaped Sacrifice from the Black Ships
  • Renegade Precog
  • Soul Bound to the Emperor
  • Reluctant Sorcerer


In FATE your talents as a psyker are represented by special skills, called Disciplines. Assuming you meet the requirements for psychic ability (see requirements) you acquire these Disciplines in the same manner you might acquire a normal Skill, at character creation or otherwise. There is one restriction, however. No rating for any of your Disciplines may be higher than your rating in Will. Your character’s Will rating represents their raw ability to focus energies of the Warp, either knowingly or unknowingly, and is referred to as a psyker’s Psy Rating.

The three most commonly discovered Disciplines are: Divination, Telekinesis, and Telepathy. What your character may attempt, when using his psychic ability, with any of these Disciplines is up to you. The GM will either set an Overcome obstacle based on the difficulty or the situation, or perhaps require that you succeed on an Attack against an opposed Defense roll, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.


Specific rules are not presented for all the various Techniques possessed by pyskers in this universe. Instead each Discipline and your rating in that Discipline represent your Skill across the broad range of Techniques known to exist, as well as potentially new Techniques discovered by your character. Certain applications of a psychic Disciplines mat require the purchase of a Stunt in order to accomplish.


The Scholastica Psykana teach all Psykers how to control their abilities and to avoid attracting the attention of daemonic entities from the Warp. Some are chosen to become Soul Bound, which means they are one some level one in their minds with God Emperor of Mankind. This restricts their ability even more, but also affords them greater protection from the Ruinous Powers. Whether trained in the Schola or having learned it through your own experimentation, using this approach is called Fettered psychic manifestation. You delve into your ability just enough to taste the power that lies within the limitless Immaterium, but withdraw before you lose control.

Such a restrained is not always practiced, however, even among Sanctioned Imperial Psykers, and almost unheard of among individuals without this training. Fully opening your mind to the Warp creates much more potent effects, allowing a wider range of ability, and more power.

Unfettered power, however, comes with unimaginable risk.

warp dice

When using Fettered psychic ability, no Skill rating higher than 1/2 your Will may be added to any roll. This means is your rating in Telepathy is +3, but you decide (wisely) to use Fettered psychic ability to plant a suggestion in someone’s mind, even if your Will rating is +4, you only get to add +2 to your roll. Always round down when halving Will in this way.

If you choose to use Unfettered psychic ability, the GM will also roll the Warp Dice. If this roll results in +3 or -3, a Psychic Phenomenon occurs. If the roll results in +4 or -4, something much more dire happens (see Perils of the Warp).

Probability: Rolling +3 on 4dF = 5%. Rolling -3 on 4dF = 5%. Rolling either +3 or -3 on 4dF = 5% + 5% = 10%.

Any time a psyker uses Unfettered ability, he can also choose to Push it. Digging deeper into the Immaterium, he can draw from the limitless power of chaos, and attempt to focus that power into his manifestation. This might be necessary when sustaining psychic abilities over long periods of time, as the strain makes it more and more difficult to focus, or perhaps when attempting to overcome a difficult adversary. After choosing to let loose Unfettered psychic ability, but before the GM reveals his secret die, a psyker may exercise this option. When Pushing, a bonus of up to the psyker’s Skill rating in Will to his roll. Channeling high levels of power from the Warp can produce astonishing results! However, the risks to everyone is the area, and to the psyker especially, escalate frighteningly.

Any time a psyker Pushes an Unfettered ability, three things occur. First, the GM gains a FATE point. Second, add +2 per level of Push bonus to any roll made to determine Psychic Phenomena. Finally, at the end of the scene, the psyker must Defend against two attacks, one mental and one physical. Both of these attacks are made with Skill equal to the Push bonus used by the psyker. While the capability of Unfettered psychic ability is quite wondrous, it will take a terrible toll on the psyker who abuses it.

psychic phenomena

When a psyker reaches deep into the Warp to power his abilities, there is always the chance of the Empyrean bleeding into our reality, a factor that is invariably destructive and damaging. Sometimes this expression of the Warp is unique to the psyker, but in general, it is as unpredictable as the Warp itself. Many possible effects have been noted, including dramatic temperature drops, ghostly voices, feelings of unease, or the local vegetation dying all at once. In very rare instances, full scale Warp breaches with the direst of consequences can occur. When a psyker uses his ability Unfettered, he risks generating Psychic Phenomena.

Here are some things that have been recorded by witnesses to Psychic Phenomena. Roll to see what random phenomenon occurs.

  1. Dark Foreboding
  2. Warp Echo
  3. Unholy Stench
  4. Mind Warp
  5. Hoarfrost
  6. Aura of Taint
  7. Memory Worm
  8. Spoilage
  9. Haunting Breeze
  10. Veil of Darkness
  11. Distorted Reflection
  12. Breath Leech
  13. Daemonic Mask
  14. Unnatural Decay
  15. Spectral Gale
  16. Bloody Tears
  17. The Earth Protests
  18. Psy Discharge
  19. Warp Ghosts
  20. Falling Upwards
  21. Banshee Howl
  22. The Furies
  23. Shadow of the Warp
  24. Tech Scorn
  25. Warp Madness

perils of the warp

In certain cases, full blown Warp intrusion occurs due to Unfettered psychic manifestation. When the Warp Dice result in +4 or -4, roll on this table to see what terrible piece of the Empyrean has leaked into our reality.

  1. The Gibbering
  2. Warp Burn
  3. Psychic Concussion
  4. Psy Blast
  5. Soul Sear
  6. Locked In
  7. Chronological Inconsistence
  8. Psychic Mirror
  9. Warp Whispers
  10. Vice Versa
  11. Dark Summoning
  12. Rending the Veil
  13. Blood Rain
  14. Cataclysmic Blast
  15. Mass Possession
  16. Reality Quake
  17. Lost to the Warp
  18. Destruction

psychic ability

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