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+ + Sent by Astropathic in orbit around Zayth + +

To Inquisitor Staven Arcturos, Ordo Xenos
Concerning the presence of the treacherous Eldar in the Koronus Expanse

My lord and master,

Three long years have passed since you sent me hence from Port Wander to explore the boundless tracks known as the Heathen Stars. In that time, I have seen much. However, of the Eldar you asked of, I have learned little. Their presence if the region is cloaked in mystery, and concealed behind veils of half-truths, myths, and lies.

One story has stood out, if only for the frequency I have hear it (or some variation) told. It is a tale about the Tattered Web, the remnants of an Eldar network of star gates created for reason unknown, a “webway.” The stories say travelers in the Heathen Stars sometimes find these gates, cold dead arches of stone covered in twisting runes and glyphs. A few even claim to have found functioning gates, and even claim to have witnessed aliens walking into their glowing depths. Of course, I have never spoken to one of these travelers myself. You will likely be unsurprised to learn that the lack of facts does not stop greedy fools from seeking out these gates in the hope of discovering ancient treasure beyond.

There are many speculation as to why the Eldar have abandoned this network, but some of the most outlandish tales concern the encroaching Hecaton Rifts. Grizzled voidfarers speak of the Rifts as if they were alive, and tell of their boundaries fluxing to imperil the worlds along its border. It is said that whole worlds are engulfed, and that is true, the webway gates in the Rift’s path could perhaps be destroyed. These tales always conclude by saying the Rifts are slowly moving, rolling in across the Heathen Stars like a rising tide of raw warp energies and unstable space. Whether this is true or not, is as yet unknown, and certainly few men have dared venture close enough to the Rifts, or stayed there long enough, to chart its movements. I, personally, have my doubts as to this matter. I do know, however, that the whole network seems to have been abandoned very suddenly, at once, and very long ago, based on similar evidence of aging found in location X-1 and X-24. As to why this might be, I have only wild conjecture.

Your servant,
Interrogator Stelos Fain

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