Step One: Hull Type

This is the high concept aspect for the ship. The hull type and classification, along with any notable modifications, are the most defining characteristics of any voidship. We can know many things about a vessel based on just this aspect, including is relative Construct Scale, the service it was designed to perform, and pedigree of its construction.

  • Dauntless class scout cruiser
  • Tarask class merchantman
  • Retribution class battleship

You can find tons of inspiration on the Lexicanum Wiki. Don’t feel constrained to the ships listed there. Invent your own!

Step Two: Machine Spirit Oddity

This aspect describes a strange personality quirk the ship has picked up over the millennia. While not “alive” or even self aware, anyone who has been aboard a starship will swear they have their own desires and fear, performing some tasks more willingly than others. This is similar to the Trouble aspect for a character. For example, Skittish, Rebellious, or Blasphemous Tendencies.

Step Three: History

This aspect offers details about the ship’s construction, or salvage, and the issues that may arise from its past. This is similar to the first step of the Phase Trio for a character. For example, Wrested from a space hulk or Reliquary of Mars.


Step Four: Choose Skills

Ships use the Skills for Constructs, which are slightly different than those used by characters.


Starships are customized to suit their intended purpose, whether it’s a tramp hauler loaded to the gills with extra cargo compartments or a cruiser with her midships scraped out to make room for extra gun batteries. Consult the Construct Scale chart to see the Space allowed for a particular ship. Components each represent 1 point of physical Space. Components are Extras in the Fate Core system.

Some sample starship components are listed here, but many more can be derived from the fiction of the 40k universe or the Rogue Trader supplements. Speficially, check out the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook as well as Battlefleet Koronus.


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